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Lesson 1 - Can I try this on?

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Today's lesson is about shopping for clothes. Personally, I love shopping for clothes. Although, it often gets a little more expensive than I thought.


Here are some things the customer may say to the store clerk when they enter the shop:

> Hi, I'm looking for a T-shirt / some shoes / a dress.

If a member of staff offers help, but you don't need help then you can say:

> Thanks, but I'm just looking.

If you want to try on the clothes, you can say:

> Can I try it on? / Can I try them on? / I'd like to try this on / I'd like to try these on

or you can say:

> Excuse me, where are the fitting rooms?

If something isn't right you can say something like:

> Do you have this in a small? / Do you have these in a small? (medium / large)


> Do you have any different colours?


> Do you have this in blue? / Do you have these in blue? (red / black / white,etc)

If you want to know the material, you can ask:

> What material is this made from? What material are they made from?

If you want to ask about the price, you can say

> How much is it? / How much are they?


>How much does it cost? / How much do they cost?

If you want to buy the clothes, you can say:

> Thanks, I'll take it. / Thanks, I'll take them.

If you don't want to buy the clothes, you can say:

> It doesn't fit well / They don't fit so well


> I'll leave it, thanks. / I'll leave them thanks.

If you want to know if you can pay by credit card, you can ask:

> Do you accept cards? / Do you take cards? / Can I pay by credit card?


Now let's look at an example conversation:

Staff member: Can I help you?

Customer: No, I'm just looking, thanks.

Ok. If you need anything, just ask.

Excuse me, I'd like to try these shoes on?

Sure, the fitting rooms are over there.

Thank you.

How are they?

They are a little big. Do you have a smaller size.

Sure, please wait a moment..........................Here you are.

Thanks...........I'll take them.

Would you like to pay by cash or by credit card?

By cash.

That'll be five thousand yen, please........Here's you receipt. Thank you.

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