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6 - At the Bus / Train Station

Are these sentences true for you?

I would like to go backpacking around Europe

> Not now, but I would have liked to when I was younger

I don’t like travelling long distances by bus

> Actually, I don't mind travelling by bus. I like looking at the scenery out of the window

I have taken a local bus in a different country

> Yes, i have taken a bus in a lot of countries. I took a bus from Seoul to Pusan last year

I can sleep easily on buses, trains, and planes

> I wish! I cannot sleep on buses or planes. However, I sometimes fall asleep on trains



What do you usually do on buses, trains, and planes?

> I usually check my phone. I sometimes study English while I listen to music. On planes, I like to watch movies

When was the last time you took a night bus? Where did you go?

> I haven't taken a night bus for years. I took one to Tokyo about 10 years ago. I had a job interview the next day, but I was so sleepy in the morning

Can you tell us about a time when you took the wrong train or you missed your stop?

> I took the wrong train in Italy when I was going to the airport. I only just made it on time for my flight

What is the longest bus journey that you have ever been on?

> I took a bus from Tokyo to Hiroshima. It took around 8 hours. I never want to take such a long journey again



Person 1: Staff at a Bus station in Osaka

Person 2: A foreign tourist who wants to get information about buying a ticket to Nagano

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