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9 - Problems At Your Hotel

Are these sentences true for you?

I don’t like spending a lot of money on a hotel

> I like getting a luxury hotel at a reasonable price, but it is hard to do

I have made a complaint at a hotel before

> No, I don't like to complain. Although, I have stayed in some horrible hotels before

I think the location is the most important thing when you book a hotel

> Yes, I think the location is important. It should be close to the places you want to visit

I have stayed in a hotel before that wasn’t as good as I was expecting before I went

> Yes, I stayed in a hotel in Hong Kong but the walls were really thin, so it was noisy. And also the shower in the hotel didn't work properly.



What is the worst hotel that you have stayed in? What made it so bad?

> I stayed in a really cheap hotel in Thailand, but there was no air conditioning. It was so hot.

What are some common problems in hotels?

> mmm let me think. Bad service, a small breakfast, and smokey rooms are all common problems.

Would you like to work on the front desk at a hotel?

> No, I'm not good at talking to people. And, I'd hate to deal with rude customers.

When was the last time you stayed in a hotel? What was it like?

> I stayed in a business hotel in Fukuoka last week. It was just a normal business hotel. It was a little far from my client's office, though



Person 1: Front desk staff at a hotel

Person 2: Customer. Please call the front desk and explain about some problems with your room or with the hotel in general.

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