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12 - Shopping at the airport

Are these sentences true for you?

I think shopping in duty free is too expensive, so I usually don’t bother

Yes, I think so. It's much cheaper to buy things at the local mall or something

The wheels on my old suitcase broke

No, I bought my current suitcase because my previous one's zip had broken

I think sightseeing is way more fun than shopping when you are on holiday

I think sightseeing and shopping are both fun

The airport has lost my baggage before

No. Luckily, my baggage has never been lost


What things do you usually buy at the airport?

I usually only buy a coffee and a sandwich. I also sometimes buy some hard candy so my ears don't hurt during take off and landing

How many suitcases do you have?

I have two suitcases. A small one and a big one

Would you like to work at Kansai Airport? If so, what job would you like to do?

Yes, I'd like to be a pilot!

If you could fly anywhere tonight, where would you go to?

That's a tough question. I'd probably fly to Korea to meet my friend who lives there


Person 1: Staff member at a baggage shop in Kansai Airport

Person 2: Foreigner who wants to buy a new suitcase

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