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10 - Eating out

Are these sentences true for you?

I enjoy eating out, but I worry about putting on weight

Yes, I enjoy eating out. But I don't really care if I put on weight or not

I have eaten out this week

Yes, I had Chinese food last night. It was pretty good

I prefer fancy food to simple food

No, I prefer simple food. I really like cup noodles and takoyaki

I hardly ever eat out because I want to save money

It's true that I want to save money. But I don't think you can save much money by eating at home


How often do you go out to eat? (not including fast food for lunch,etc)

I eat out about once every two weeks

What food are you in the mood for right now?

I'm in the mood for something hot like Sukiyaki

Do you like eating outdoors?

It depends on the season. I really enjoy having barbecues in summer

What countries do you think have the best and worst food?

I think France has the best food. I'm not sure what country has the worst food


Person 1: Staff member at a restaurant in Rome, Italy

Person 2: Tourist who wants to book a table for tomorrow night

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