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8 - Future plans

Are these sentences true for you?

I haven’t booked my next foreign vacation yet

> Yes, I haven't booked a trip abroad, but I'm going to Hokkaido in January to meet some friends

I often make plans at the last minute

> It depends. I sometimes make plans at the last minute. Although, I try to plan ahead if possible

The country that I want to go to most is America

> I'd like to go to America, but it isn't the country I want to go to most. I want to go to Egypt to see the pyramids.

I wish I had more time and money, so I could travel

> Of course, I wish I had more time and money. If I had the time and money, I'd like to travel around the world.


Would you like to visit Africa?

> Yes, I'd like to go on safari in Kenya.

Do you like going on trips in big groups of people?

> No, because you can't do what you want to do. I prefer travelling alone or in small groups.

Do you prefer beach holidays or city holidays

> I prefer beach holidays. I like sunbathing on the beach and doing nothing

Do you prefer active holidays or relaxing holidays?

> I like relaxing holidays more. I don't like to do too much on holiday.


Imagine that you have 10 days off work next Golden Week. Ask the other members where they want to go and plan a trip somewhere together.

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