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7 - Giving advice on Problems

Are these sentences true for you?

I find it difficult to get up in the morning

> Yes, I set 2 alarms and I still have trouble getting out of bed

I am often running late

> Actually, I always try to arrive around thirty minutes early

I want to study English more but I waste too much time

> That's true. I want to study more but I get distracted really easily

I am not good at saving money

> That's not true for me. I save half of my monthly salary.



What are some daily problems you have in your daily life?

> One problem is that I'm always tired. I want to study or exercise after work, but I'm so sleepy that I always crash out on the sofa.

What habits of other people annoy you?

> It annoys me when people eat food that stinks on the train. It also annoys me when people don't listen to what I say.

Do you think that you are lazy?

> No, not really. Of course, I am sometimes lazy but I always try to do work hard.

Would you like to get in better shape?

> Yes, I want to lose 3 or 4 kilograms.



Imagine that you are sitting in Starbucks with a close friend. Please tell them about a problem you have (real or imaginary!) and ask for their advice

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